FALL Baker Tournament


2019 Tournament Friday, October 18, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.  

2019 Roster

  1.  Katz Well Drilling
  2. 369 Tournament
  3. Marshall Lanes
  4. Ryan's Express
  5. Hooty's Crew
  6. T's Peeps
  7. Michelle's Peeps
  8. 4-4, Who's a....
  9. Who's Up
  10. Lickety Split
  11. Trackside
  12. Buffa Dist.
  13. 2 out of 5 Ain't Bad
  14. Miller's Carpet



  • 2018 FALL Winners Hooty's Crew (John Vaughn, Byron Klingaman, Shawn Diver, Jim Cox, Kirsten Houtz)
  • 2017 FALL Winners Hooty's Crew (Travis Reimer, Brandon Fry, Ada Fox, Jo Fox, Melinda Smith)
  • 2016 FALL Winners 3-6-9 Tournament (Joe Hutchings, Doug Chrispyn, Brian VanDorsten, Todd Smith, Jason Selvidge)
  • 2015 FALL Winners Miller's Carpet (Josh Coles, Mike Miller, Jim Hunt, Andrew Saylor, Tommy Saylor)
  • 2014 FALL Winners Cole-Z's Golf Club and Swing Repair (Josh Coles, Mike Miller, Andrew Saylor, Tom Bayley, Jim Hunt)
  • 2013 FALL Winners Trackside Sports Bar (Jeff Russ, Jack Russ, Norm Ward, Eddie Mann, Jr. Chris Schweikert)
  • 2012 FALL Winners Yarrow Golf Course (Kelly Wawzysko, David Schaum, Toby Hilton, Randy Nash, Steve Helner)
  • 2011 Winners: Genuine Customs, Mel's Allsport (Steve Burns, Bill Few, Scott Patton, Steve Woodman, Howard Krem)
  • 2010 Winners: Who Cares?
  • 2009 Winners: Bronson Strike Zone 1 (A.J. Demond, Kevin Lilly, Mike O'Rourke, Mike Cranson and Fred  Shoup)
  • 2008 Winners M & M Carpeting (Katie Peterson, Candi Jones, Rich Jones, Josh  Coles, Mike Miller)
  • Open to: All five person teams with currently sanctioned bowlers. All bowlers must have a sanctioned average (21 games or more from 2011-2012 or 12 games or more current). Limited to the first 16 teams to pay the entry fee.

Format: Teams will bowl 10 games with the top six teams advancing to the second round. The top six teams (total pinfall/no carryover) then bowl two-games with the top three teams (total pinfall/no carryover) will advance to the finals round. The top qualifier is seeded into the championship match. The second and third qualifier will bowl a two game baker match (total pinfall/no carryover). The winner will bowl against the top seed for the title.  All bowling is handicapped.

Handicaps: Will be determined by adding all members averages together and dividing by five, 90% of the difference between that average and 240 will be used.

Prizes: All prize money will be returned 100% to the bowlers.

Cost: $125 per team



Marshall Lanes