Spring Baker Tournament

Friday, April 17, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. 

If you would like to bowl the tournament is limited to the first 16 paid teams.  Please call 781-3125 to sign up and pay for your spot.

2020 Roster

  • 2019 SPRING Winners Katz Well Drilling (Ron Bradstreet, Bob Bradstreet, Mike Shellenberger, Spencer Ansell, Rick Frey)
  • 2018 SPRING Winners Katz Well Drilling (Ron Bradstreet, Bob Bradstreet, Mike Shellenberger, Spencer Ansell, Rick Frey)
  • 2017 SPRING Winners Team Sigourney (Ed McGruder, Tim Sigouney, Bary Price, John Lovett, Ryan Lovett)
  • 2016 SPRING Winners Marshall Lanes Pro Shop (Dan Smith, Jim Schaum, Kevin Keen, Leo Grupczynksi, Greg Ortiz)
  • 2015 SPRING Winner Buffa Distribution (Matt Houtz, Guy Houts, Frank DeMond, Abraham DeMond, Chris Parshall)
  • 2014 SPRING Winners FUG Graphics (Bob Hutchings, Steve Murphy, Brian VanDorsten, Justin VanArman, Joe Hutchings)
  • 2013 SPRING Winners Miller's Carpet (Mike Miller, Josh Coles, Jim Hunt, Andrew Saylor, Tom Bayley)
  • 2012 SPRING Winners Indian Creek Archery (Joe Hutchings, Brian VanDorsten, Justin Stark, Ben Hill, Todd Smith)
  • 2011 SPRING Winners Katz Well Drilling (Ron Bradstreet, Bill Frey, Rick Frey, Spencer Ansell, Mike Shellenberger)
  • 2010 SPRING Winners Coldwater (Aaron Winans, Mark Weller, Royce Mefford, Kenny Hayes, Brian Keplinger)
  • 2009 SPRING Winners Katz Well Drilling (Ron Bradstreet, Spencer Ansell, Bill Frey, Rick Frey, Mike Shellenberger)
  • 2008 SPRING Winners The Screamin' Sea Men (Matt duBois, Kelly Peterson, David Schaum, Shane George, Eric George)
  • 2007 SPRING Winners Crystal Flash (Duane Hoffman, Dennis Holmes, Dave, Jim and Tony Biggs)
  • 2006 SPRING Winners JJAKK (Joe Hutchings, Jim Peterson, Amy Anderson, Kim and Ken Zuehlke.)
  • 2005 SPRING Winners Miller's Maniacs (Mike Miller, Candi Jones, Rich Jones, Katie Peterson & Rich Dopp)
  • The tournament started in 1999.

Open to: All five person teams with currently sanctioned bowlers. All bowlers must have a sanctioned average (21 games or more). Limited to the first 16 teams to pay the full entry fee.

Format: Teams will bowl 10 games with the top six teams advancing to match play. The top six teams then bowl two-games with the top three teams advancing. The final three teams will bowl a stepladder two-game finals.

Divisions: All bowlers compete in a handicap division.

Handicaps: Will be determined by adding all members averages together and dividing by five, 90% of the difference between that average and 240 will be used.

Prizes: All prize money will be returned 100% to the bowlers.

Cost: $125 per team

Marshall Lanes